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EWM April 2004 Picture Quiz: 31-40

THE VIEW OVER MANCHESTER from the south next to Oxford Road is spectacular. The main buildings of the city centre can be seen approximately half a mile to the north. But surprisingly, the vantage point where this photo was taken will soon be hovering in mid-air as the building is to be demolished.

31) What is the name of the building from which this photo was taken?

32) What educational establishment is it part of?

MILLS AND WAREHOUSES ALL OVER MANCHESTER are being converted for use as apartments. This was one of the first to be converted. It houses not apartments but high-tech and creative businesses, including recording studios. The company which bought and converted this building have gone on to transform scores of older buildings in many UK cities including Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham. They still have offices here.

33) What is the name of the company?

34) What is the name of the building?

MANCHESTER is a multi-cultural city where you'll see signs written in many different world languages. But Welsh is not the language you'd expect to see on a temporary warning sign on a road in Gorton. How did it get here? Probably because because it came from a road maintenance depot serving both North West England and North Wales.

35) What road is this? Either the name or the designation/number or both.

36) Name either of two districts in the Salford area with names beginning with the Welsh word for 'headland' or 'hill'?

THE SIGN AT THE BOUNDARY of Manchester welcomes drivers entering the city. The invisible line across the road marking the end of Manchester is less than a mile from the city centre. For historical reasons the boundaries of Manchester City Council's coverage area are very tightly drawn. The pub on the left is still open. The one on the right has been boarded up for quite some time.

37) What is the name of the post-1974 local authority district to the right of the picture?

38) What is the name of this road, also the name of the pre-1974 borough to the right of the boundary line?

THE SPINNINGFIELDS DEVELOPMENT is in 2004 under construction on this site in the city centre which overlooks the River Irwell. Click here to see how it looked in September 2003.

39) What is the name of the bridge on the left, also the name of the office building centre left?

40) What is the name of the bridge on the right, also the name of the street that leads to it?

All photos and articles © Aidan O'Rourke

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