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IN THIS FEATURE I have captured locations asked for by EWM readers. I didn't manage to fulfil all requests this time round, but I hope the selection will provide a representative sample of places important to people, with a few of my own. I hope to expand the text with reader comments later. We start our journey to the north of Manchester, visiting Besses o' th' Barn, Prestwich and Cheetham Hill.

BESSES O' TH' BARN is about six miles north of Manchester city centre on the Metrolink line to Bury. In the upper picture we can see the bridge carrying the Manchester to Bury rail line - now used by Metrolink - over the M60 (formerly M62) and the main road. Railway road and motorway intersect at this point on three levels. The lower picture shows a former cinema and part of a church.
EWM asks: Any ideas as to the origin of this place name?
PRESTWICH is around five miles north west of the city centre in the Metropolitan Borough of Bury. It is on the busy A56 road to Whitefield and Bury town centre.
EWM says: Prestwich has some very pleasant streets and parks, but the main road has suffered through heavy traffic and the decline of traditional shops.
ST MARY'S PARK PRESTWICH is named after the parish church. A new development of apartments, also called St Mary's, overlooks the park.
EWM says: The park is attractive but could be better maintained.
CHEETHAM HILL LIBRARY on Cheetham Hill Road proclaims the civic values of a century ago, though the area around it has changed.
EWM says: The original stained glass windows have been replaced by boards, but at least the building has survived and is well-used. Is that Paisley Terrace on the left?
BUNYARD STREET off Cheetham Hill Road has been renovated by Manchester City Council. The neighbouring block, formerly occupied by buildings, has been turned into a green space.
EWM asks: The traditional Manchester colour for street furniture is grey. Why have Manchester City Council decided to paint their lampposts black, like the ones in Trafford MBC?
THE VIEW FROM QUEENS ROAD BRIDGE over the Manchester to Bury Metrolink tracks provides an interesting view towards the city centre, with the CIS building visible on the right. The flats in Collyhurst can be seen on the left.
EWM says: The use of railway lines by Metrolink trams is a good strategy, though it only upgrades existing routes rather than creating new ones. Ideally trams should run on the road, as in Eccles, and as they used to do all over Manchester.

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