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THE NORTH MANCHESTER DISTRICT OF COLLYHURST is a place which has been requested by EWM readers - also Clayton in east Manchester.

THIS VIEW FROM COLLYHURST towards the city centre overlooks the Bury to Manchester Metrolink line - A tram passes on its way to Victoria Station.
EWM says: We are close to the city centre and yet it seems as if we are in the countryside. This area is mainly reclaimed industrial land made green again.
THIS FOOTBRIDGE IN COLLYHURST passes over the Manchester to Bury Metrolink line and then underneath the Manchester to Oldham railway line. In the distance we can see St Luke's Church Cheetham Hill. Click on the larger picture to zoom in!
EWM says: Old footbridges and pathways often retain a potent aura of the past.
SANDHILLS Collyhurst, between the Manchester to Bury railway viaduct and Rochdale Road, was once an area of factories and houses. All the buildings have gone and the area is now a green space.
EWM says: A lot of effort and money has gone into to trying to make Sandhills into a new inner-city park, with footpaths, benches and greenery, but the place is deserted and there is evidence of vandalism.

ST MALACHY'S RC PRIMARY SCHOOL, Eggington St, Collyhurst is housed in what looks to be an early 19th century building. It overlooks Sandhills, once an area of factories and housing.
EWM says: This building is a remarkable link with the past. It's a shame it is hidden by the trees.

ASHTON NEW ROAD the A662 passes through the east Manchester suburb of Clayton. Here a 220 bus operated by Clayton-based Mayne Buses is heading east towards Ashton-under-Lyne, though the destination is showing Manchester.
EWM says: Trees appear to be gradually taking over the city! They used to be regularly pruned by council workers, but that never seems to happen nowadays.
THE TOWER OF ST CROSS CHURCH Clayton is seen here through the railings on the corner of Clayton Street. The tower is a distinctive feature of the east Manchester skyline.
EWM says: This could be in the middle of the countryside anywhere in England, but we are only three miles east of Manchester city centre.
ST CROSS CHURCH, CLAYTON dominates the local area - its tower can be seen as far away as the city centre. This is how it looks from Eccleshall Street to the south of Ashton New Road. The houses between here and the main road have been demolished to make a green space.
EWM says: Clayton has many superb amenities - green spaces, parks, places of worship, excellent housing, good access to the city, but it still appears to be quite run down.
HACKLE STREET CLAYTON is a street of 19th century terraced houses. All of them are now unoccupied and boarded up.
EWM says: Clayton has the potential to be a prime residential area of the city, but not whilst there are derelict streets like this one.

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