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BURNAGE IN SOUTH MANCHESTER has been requested many times. This area is famous as the home of the Gallagher brothers, founders of the group Oasis.

BURNAGE is a residential area in south Manchester which extends along both sides of the A34 Kingsway and the railway line to Styal and Manchester Airport. This is the main shopping area on Fog Lane, next to the station.
EWM says: A friend of mine lived round the corner from here - She now lives in Chieveley, near Newbury with her husband and three children. Why I haven't received any requests for Burnage from the brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher yet?
ST NICHOLAS CHURCH BURNAGE dates from around the 1920's and is a listed building. Here we see it during renovations in March 2002.
EWM says: The design with its curved walls and high windows is like no other I have seen. The city fathers who created the new suburban districts of the 20's and 30's went to great lengths to provide places of worship for the new residents.
KINGSWAY runs through Burnage and East Didsbury and south to Gatley. It's part of the A34 and was built in the 1920's when the flat open countryside south of Manchester was turned into a vast new residential area.
EWM says: The central strip was originally designed for use by trams, which disappeared from Manchester in the late 40's. It would be great to have trams running along Kingsway again but this is not a part of the current Metrolink expansion plans.
THE COTTON TREE PUB is between Didsbury and Withington, not far from Christie Hospital. This area of south Manchester has retained many attractive features, including original street lamps like this one.
EWM says: Friends of ours live close to here, congrats on their new baby born 8 Oct.

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