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WE HEAD TOWARDS STOCKPORT where I grew up, and visit Bramall Hall and Lyme Hall, both requested by EWM readers.
THIS OLD AND DECAYING METAL FOOTBRIDGE crosses the former Manchester - Cheadle Heath - Derby railway line. This section of the line is now single track and used only by freight trains.
EWM says: As a child I used to play on a bridge similar to this about half a mile up the line in Cheadle Heath. It was called the 'Monkey Bridge'. The gaps between wooden steps seemed almost wide enough to crawl through, and provided a tantalising view of the steam engines. The 'Monkey Bridge' has since been replaced by a far less interesting modern-style footbridge.
EDGELEY ROAD STOCKPORT is lined with houses dating mostly from the late 19th century. The area has an air of quiet gentility and is currently popular with house buyers, as prices are moderate in comparison with areas like Bramhall or Didsbury.
EWM says: I grew up in the house beyond the bus stop and could tell many childhood stories about playing out on nearby side streets.
BRAMALL HALL, Stockport MBC is one of the largest and most impressive medieval halls in England. It is owned and maintained by Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council. Here we see the hall during January snow 2002.
EWM says: Bramall Hall looks impressive today -Imagine how it must have appeared in medieval times. The Hall is reputed to be haunted.
BRAMALL PARK ROAD, Bramall, Stockport MBC is in an affluent area of leafy roads and detached houses.
EWM says: As a child I went to Bramall Park and used to aspire to living in this, the 'posh' part of Stockport. The tree-lined roads and spacious 1960's houses remind me very much of the New England states of the USA, especially in autumn and winter.
LYME HALL is situated to the south east of Stockport in a hilly location south of the A6. It is one of the UK's most famous stately homes and was used in the historical dramas Pride and Prejudice and The Forsyte Saga.
EWM says: Lyme Hall is superbly maintained by the National Trust. Outlying buildings have been restored, and there are many special events.
THE A6 AT HAZEL GROVE is seen here from the first floor of an end terraced house near the junction of Torkington Rd. On the corner of School St on the left, a new McDonalds is under construction.
EWM says: Our friends have now moved out of this rented house. Heavy traffic passes just a few feet away from the front door, so they normally used only the back door. The A6 by-pass, to be built not far from here, is intended to reduce the traffic on this road, once used by stagecoaches carrying travellers en route to and from London.

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