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ALTRINCHAM INTERCHANGE is a combined bus, train and tram station. The bus station was relocated in front of the train station the 1970's as part of the amalgamation of transport services in Greater Manchester. The old station clock tower was retained in the new design. A red Audi TT passes on its way into the town centre.
EWM says: I remember the old bus station, used by various operators including North Western. Closer co-ordination between buses and trains has brought advantages, but we are still way behind countries like Holland and Germany where all tickets are valid for use on all forms of transport. For many people in this part of the conurbation, hopping in the Audi TT is probably a more attractive option than using public transport.
STAMFORD NEW ROAD is one of the main shopping streets in Altrincham, and is used by through traffic. The post office is on the left - the station clock tower can be seen straight ahead.
EWM says: I worked at South Trafford College, Altrincham from 1983 to 1991, teaching French, German and English as a Foreign Language. I often used to come in to Altrincham town centre to go to the shops.
HALE VILLAGE is about 10 minutes walk from Altrincham and is the next stop on the railway line to Chester. Hale is an affluent place with many restaurants, estate agents and expensive cars, including the 1950's Porsche which is being advertised for sale.
EWM says: I lived in Hale on and off between 1981 and 1985 when I moved to a council flat in Salford to be closer to the city. I wonder how much the classic Porsche costs.
THIS IS FLIXTON BRIDGE over the River Mersey in the western part of the Trafford MBC area. The ancient county boundary between Lancashire and Cheshire runs along the river Mersey bisecting the bridge. Trafford Metropolitan Borough, like other authorities along the Mersey, brings the Lancashire districts to the north and the Cheshire districts to the south into one local municipal district. Trafford is one of the authorities created under local government reorganisation in 1974.
EWM says: For some reason, the word FLIXTON has been chipped out of the stone. Can anyone explain why this was done? On the Saddleworth border, the words 'West Riding of Yorkshire' were chiselled out of 18th century border stones in 1974 in order to obscure the 1000 year old county boundary, but I can see no reason why the name Flixton should be a problem here.
THE PARISH CHURCH OF ST MARY THE VIRGIN in Flixton, Trafford MBC, features a distinctive crown-shaped tower. It looks to be a relatively new church built in a traditional style.
EWM says: I am only discovering this area now following picture requests by EWM readers. I never realised how attractive it is.
THE CURZON CINEMA overlooks a roundabout in the middle of the residential area between Flixton and Urmston. It was built in the 1930's when this area was developed as a suburb.
EWM says: It's rare to see a cinema like this still in use and looking much as it did when it was first opened. Long live the Curzon.

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