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MORE LOCATIONS FROM SOUTH MANCHESTER, with a selection of typical streets, footpaths and railway bridges. We start with an unusual landmark from the 1950's.

THE HOLLINS BUILDING - also known as 'The Toast Rack' is one of the most unusual and distinctive examples of post-war architecture in the Manchester area. It is now a listed building and was recently renovated. It is part of Manchester Metropolitan University.
EWM says: Like many interesting buildings, this one makes reference to things beyond itself. 'The Toast Rack' has fascinated me since I first saw it as a child - I've even had dreams about it.
DERBY ROAD FALLOWFIELD has Victorian residences on the north side which once looked out over open fields. Semi detached homes were built on the south side in the 1930's. Many of the larger houses in this area have been converted into flats for use by students.
EWM says: I lived in a house-share in the house on the far left from January 1986 to August 1987, when the owner sold up and moved to Saddleworth. I moved to Didsbury.
DANES ROAD Fallowfield, near Birch Church, just visible behind, is typical of the many late Victorian streets which you will see all over south Manchester.
EWM says: I was just passing in the car and my attention was caught by the afternoon sunlight shining through the trees. These houses are spacious and attractive, but expensive to maintain.
ATTWOOD STREET is close to Longsight, on the Levenshulme side of the railway line. Sullivan Street is just on the left (inset).
EWM says: In autumn 2001, the radio station ALL FM was housed in an unoccupied house very close to here. One EWM reader grew up just round the corner on Sullivan Street.
SYLVANDALE AVENUE is in the area between Slade Lane and the Manchester to Stockport railway line. There are thousands of attractive Victorian semis like this all over Manchester and the north of England.
EWM says: This was the most photogenic street in the area. Another close by was overgrown with trees. Is this the place where the 'intelligentsia' of Levenshulme live?
THIS RAILWAY BRIDGE is one of several which carries the Manchester to Stockport railway line through Levenshulme. The bridge on this side of the line dates from around the early 1840's.
EWM says: There are many attractive and atmospheric footpaths which link the two sides of the railway in Levenshulme, though I'm not sure if I'd be so keen on walking along here in the middle of the night!
THE BRIDGE UNDER THE Manchester to Stockport railway line in Levenshulme links the area north of Albert Road along Stockport Road with the residential district on the other side. This is the east side of the bridge, which was constructed when the line was widened later in the 19th century. It is built in dark coloured railway brick.
EWM says: Like mens hair in the 1970's, trees all over Manchester have grown out of control. But it seems pruning the trees is out of favour nowadays.
THIS PEDESTRIAN TUNNEL UNDER THE RAILWAY LINE in Levenshulme links the two sides of Park Grove.
EWM says: I could do a whole book on footpaths, passageways and railway bridges in the Manchester area!

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