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ON THIS CLOSING LEG OF THE JOURNEY we look west towards the setting sun, revisiting south Manchester, Flixton and the Ship Canal.

THIS IS ALTRINCHAM ROAD Baguley, Manchester and we are looking west towards Timperley. It's around 5pm and the afternoon sun is low in the sky.
EWM says: Shooting into the sun is often difficult, but I think this image captures the feeling of Manchester on a sunny late afternoon in September.
CHORLTON PARK shortly before sunset.
EWM says: Better get home now before it gets dark!
AMBLESIDE ROAD FLIXTON is lit up by the rays of the setting sun.
EWM says: The evening sunlight shining through the trees and onto house facades gives a nostalgic quality. I wonder if there's time to capture the sunset over the nearby Ship Canal.
WE ARE LOOKING ACROSS THE MANCHESTER SHIP CANAL from Flixton in Trafford MBC towards Irlam in the City of Salford - the municipal boundary runs along the centre of the canal. The canal tower is part of Irlam Locks, where it's possible to cross to the other side on foot.
EWM says: The dusk sky is reflected in the water, which is nearly as calm as a mill pond. The Ship Canal tower with its pointed roof looks almost like a church. Sadly no ocean-going ships churn up the water these days, but there are plenty of swans and other waterfowl.

THAT'S ALL FROM THIS UPDATE OF EYEWITNESS IN MANCHESTER - This is only a tiny sample of the countless locations in and around Manchester which are significant in the lives and memories of people here and around the world. I would like to receive comments for inclusion on these pages later. Please continue to send your picture requests, to be featured in future updates of Eyewitness in Manchester.

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