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BURNAGE is close to Didsbury on one side and Levenshulme on the other with the Stockport boundary to the south east. This area which has been requested many times. I also include two locations close to Manchester Airport.

THE ENTRANCE TO FOG LANE PARK has none of the ornamentation and grandeur of the older municipal parks, such as Alexandra Park and Queens Park.
EWM says: Fog Lane Park appears to date from the period when the south Manchester residential district of Burnage was created in the 1920's and 30's.
FOG LANE PARK is close to Withington, Burnage and Didsbury. Its wide open grassy field is used for football and by local people walking their dogs.
EWM says: This photograph probably wouldn't receive any photography awards, as it has no main subject, but it accurately captures the flatness and openness which is the most striking feature of Fog Lane Park.
CRINGLE FIELDS is an open space which lies on the municipal boundary between the City of Manchester and the Metropolitan Borough of Stockport. The field is used for football practice, jogging and by local residents for walking their dogs. At certain times of the year, a funfair is held on Cringle Fields.
EWM says: The structure on the far side of the field is part of the Crossley industrial estate, named after the celebrated bus and lorry manufacturers.
THIS GROVE OF TREES runs along Errwood Road, close to the boundary between the City of Manchester and the Metropolitan Borough of Stockport.
EWM says: What an attractive feature - I wonder if it pre-dates the the nearby residential areas which date from the 1920's.
THE AVIATION VIEWING PARK is located to the west of the two runways near the M56/A538 junction. There are parking areas, grassy spaces, toilets and a snack bar. It is owned by Manchester Airport and run by the Bollin Valley Project.
EWM says: I often come here to sit in the car, watch the planes and work on Eyewitness in Manchester on the iBook. That's where I'm writing this now.
SOUTHMOOR 23 is refurbished block of apartments originally built in the late 1960's. It was previously known as Roundthorn Court, and lay empty for four years until it was purchased and renovated by LPC. The rent is 325 per month and tenants have the option to buy after two years.
EWM says: 1960's council blocks like this one can make superb places to live if they are fully renovated with provision for parking and security. This location was requested by a friend involved in the refurbishment.

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