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Saturday 3 August 2002 Day 10: Sunshine returns to Manchester!
NEW SIGNS, both permanent and temporary, direct visitors around the city centre.
: With the decorative ring at the top, these tourist signs are similar to road signs of the 1930's
KING STREET, Manchester's most fashionable shopping street, is decked out with yellow M2002 banners.
: The tree on the left almost looks like a Christmas tree!
YELLOW M2002 BANNERS are strung up all along Deansgate.
EWM says: This is the first year that open topped tour buses have been operating in Manchester.
THE BURNLEY & PENDLE X43 bus passes under an M2002 banner on Deansgate.
EWM says: Thanks to the games, all routes now lead to Manchester!
THE MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS tent is a major focal point in St Ann's Square during the games
EWM says: The MEN has been a major sponsor, playing a key role in the games.
THE NEW SHAMBLES AND EXCHANGE SQUARE are now a favourite meeting place in Manchester
EWM says: Our 'old town' though reconstructed and reinvented, is proving a big success with visitors.
CROWDS SIT AND ENJOY THE SUNSHINE and fountains in the new Piccadilly Gardens.
EWM says: Despite their design shortcomings, the new gardens have proved successful as a place for large numbers of people to gather.
BUILDINGS UNDER RECONSTRUCTION on Great Ancoats Street have been covered ina striking M2002 poster.
EWM says: The poster features disabled athletes - Disabled sports have been pioneered during the Manchester Commonwealth Games.
THIS UNOCCUPIED BUILDING on Great Ancoats St has been shrouded with a huge M2002 banner
EWM says: A giant union flag and an Afro-Caribbean-British athlete - a splash of patriotism and multiculturalism in one - very much in the spirit of modern Manchester
PICCADILLY STATION APPROACH is crowded with people - an M2002 bus waits to take on passengers.
EWM says: The area between Piccadilly Station and Piccadilly Gardens has been transformed over the past months.
STORE STREET is part of the EastLink route from the city centre to Sportcity.
EWM says: Once a gloomy side street leading into the decaying east of the city, Store Street is now the gateway to New East Manchester, the focus of major regeneration work.

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