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Monday 29 July 2002 Day 5: Clouding over! (8) Tuesday 30 July 2002 Day 6: Rain, rain and rain!
TWO TALL CHEERING FIGURES inflated by air - one of the many street attractions on offer during the games.
EWM says: The two cheering 'men' form an interesting juxtaposition against the M2000 logo behind.
A GRENADIER GUARDSMAN is seen walking through Piccadilly.
EWM says: That's a real Grenadier, not a street entertainer! London finally comes to Manchester!
MANY OLDER AND CRUMBLING FACADES have been 'wrapped' for the Games, using giant promotional banners
EWM says: The big cover-up hides embarrassing pieces of urban decay.
STREET ENTERTAINERS keep the crowds happy in St Ann's and Exchange Squares
EWM says: The kangaroos lower right came all the way from Australia. Top left are my friends James and Tara in their motorised punt on wheels.
THE HEAVENS OPENED later in the afternoon, bringing torrential rain to the centre of Manchester, here Piccadilly Station Approach.
EWM says: Rain seldom shows up on small size photos, so I've added artificial droplets to the picture to try and simulate how it looked - and felt!
A GIANT M2002 BANNER is stretched across the entrance to Store Street under the renovated Piccadilly Station.
EWM says: This is the walking route to Sportcity and to the bus stops on Fairfield Street - Anyone without an umbrella is going to get very wet indeed!
THE WALKING ROUTE TO SPORTCITY along London Rd is now showered with rain - the permanent traffic jam on London Rd moves along slowly
EWM says: What a difference the rain makes! Compare this scene to how it looked two days ago.
STORE STREET (upper left and lower right) and Jutland St (lower left) turn into rivers, traffic is backed up along London Rd (upper right)
EWM says: Only Eyewitness in Manchester is prepared to get soaked to the skin to bring you authentic pictures of rainy Manchester!

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