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Sunday 4 August 2002 Day 11: A red sunset, with heavy rain on the way!
A RED SUNSET OVER SALFORD marks the end of the M2002 era - all that remains now is the closing ceremony.
EWM says: Visitors from all over the world have come into our traditionally bleak industrial environment, and come away with a very positive impression. Now that's an achievement!
RED SKIES OVER THE GASOMETERS and blocks of flats in Salford.
EWM says: I've seen sunsets in Spain, Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka, but the red sunset over the Salford gasometers and flats is still the most inspiring!
GMEX - THE FORMER CENTRAL STATION - is now quiet on the last night of the games.
EWM says: GMEX has proved itself to be an extremely versatile and useful venue for all kinds of events, including the games.
THE PRINTWORKS at the junction of Corporation St and Withy Grove, now deluged in heavy rain. The closing ceremony is currently in progress over at Sportcity.
EWM says: Now Manchester will never be able to shake off its 'rainy city' image!
A LARGE CROWD watched the closing ceremony in Exchange Square. It was pouring rain but no-one seemed to mind.
EWM says: As on the opening night, there was a great atmosphere, and the closing ceremony was magnificent.
THE TOWN HALL AND ALBERT SQUARE on the last night of the games - lit up in bright yellow.
EWM says: A fitting image of civic pride to bring the EWM Gallery of 100 nearly to a close.
THE TOWN HALL AND ALBERT SQUARE with the illuminated Key 103 balloon floating above.
EWM says: I pasted the image of the balloon from another photograph. But take my word for it - this is how it looked.
THE TOWN HALL with yellow floodlighting seen from the south side of Albert Square.
EWM says: I only captured this photo by chance. It was pouring rain, I missed the bus and decided to go for a walk round Albert Square. I'm glad I did!
THE TOWN HALL with yellow floodlighting and the Key 103 balloon above.
EWM says: This is a digitally manipulated image - Photographing the balloon at night would be difficult due to the long exposure time. Believe me, this is an accurate representation of how the balloon appeared at night.
THAT'S ALL FROM THE EWM M2002 Gallery of 100. This feature is to be developed further - Please keep visiting Eyewitness in Manchester and Manchester Online!

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