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Saturday 3 August 2002 Day 10: Bright sunshine led to cloudier skies later.
THE CANAL BRIDGE OVER STORE STREET is adorned with yellow M2002 banners
EWM says: LS Lowry drew and painted this bridge. What would he think of it now?
THE CANAL BRIDGE OVER STORE STREET has been cleaned, painted and adorned with M2002 flags and banners.
EWM says: Old artefacts of the industrial revolution spruced up and given a new lease of life - that's what the true spirit of regeneration in Manchester ought to be.
THE WALKING ROUTE TO SPORTCITY turns right at the corner of Store St and Great Ancoats Street.
EWM says: Everywhere you look, the games are making an impact on formerly run down and abandoned parts of the city.
THE 'EASTLINK' WALKING ROUTE TO SPORTCITY turns left at the junction of Great Ancoats Street and Pollard Street.
EWM says: An old warehouse is being converted into apartments by property developers Artisan. Every surviving warehouse should be converted in this way.
ABANDONED BUILDINGS - a hospital, a factory, a warehouse - the purple banner announces that this area is about to be transformed into New East Manchester.
EWM says: That's the rear of Ancoats Hospital on the left - How will this scene look in five years? Keep watching this website!
MERRILL STREET is on the EastLink route to Sportcity. That's the stadium up ahead. A Mayne 235 heads for Piccadilly.
EWM says: 20 years ago this road led into an industrial wasteland - Now regeneration has transformed the scene - but there's still a long way to go.
THE EASTLINK WALKING ROUTE to Sportcity passes under this now renovated viaduct over the River Medlock.
EWM says: With open grass and the River Medlock now clean, the area has almost reverted how it was in pre-industrial times
THE HOLT TOWN GASOMETER rises up above newly laid grass - Just a few years ago this was an abandoned site. The new Metrolink route to Ashton passes this spot.
EWM says: A surreal landscape of urban decay is being transformed into an equally surreal regenerated landscape, where remnants of industry co-exist with a newly-created greener environment
THE GASOMETER is a potent symbol of the grimy urban cityscape, here seen above the Ashton Canal.
EWM says: Even though the area is being regenerated, it retains much of its original character.
THE MAIN ENTRANCE TO THE CITY OF MANCHESTER STADIUM runs to the north towards the bus station
EWM says: Steelworks, gasworks and a power station once stood here or close by. The transformation is breathtaking.
STEWARDS MARSHALL THE CROWDS as they enter and exit the City of Manchester stadium.
EWM says: People will remember the event as The Friendly Games - Everyone was good-natured wherever you went.
THE M2002 LOGO adorns the new Fairfield entrance to Piccadilly Station
EWM says: It will be a shame to have to take down the logos and banners are a proud symbol of Manchester's success in running the 2002 Commonwealth Games.

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