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Sunday 28 July 2002: Day Four - Continued Idyllic weather conditions - Hottest day of the year so far
THE WOMENS 20KM WALK took place at Salford Quays
EWM says: An enthusiastic crowd clapped as athletes passed.
WE ARE LOOKING ALONG part of the walking track - This is the link road from the Lowry which crosses Huron Basin to the Metrolink stop
EWM says: Athletes, officials, media, police and spectators all played a part in making the event an outstanding success
THE TREE-LINED QUAYSIDE was turned into a walking track.
EWM says: The temperature was sweltering - the athletes pushed themselves to the bounds of endurance.
THE WALKING TRACK PASSES between the Lowry Galleria and the Lowry Arts Centre (off the picture to the right)
EWM says: The airship made an appearance later in the afteroon - wish I was up there!
THE KEY 103 BALLOON cruises majestically over Salford Quays.
EWM says: The balloon has now become a familiar sight over Manchester during the games.
THE LOWRY ARTS CENTRE is on the Salford Quays side, on this side the theatre boat is moored in front of the Imperial War Museum North
EWM says: Shame it wasn't possible to keep HMS Bronington here.
THE CANAL TOUR BOAT passes in front of the Manchester United stadium
EWM says: Salford Quays needs more activity on the water!
THE LOWRY ARTS CENTRE, Lowry Galleria and footbridge seen from Trafford Wharf on Sunday 28th July. The Commonwealth Games events are in progress around the Lowry Galleria
EWM says: The weather conditions were amazing. This was the hottest day so far of 2002, actually too hot for Eyewitness in Manchester on the EWM mountain bike - Soon after taking this photo I had to ride home and cool off.
THE TOUR BOAT moves toward Trafford Road Bridge before making a wide turn to the left.
EWM says: Cargo ships once turned round in this, the widest expanse of the Docks. Now the water is mostly empty apart from swans.
THE KEY 103 BALLOON passes over Hulme on its way back towards Salford Quays.
EWM says: The balloon makes a sound like a light aircraft, but moves at the speed of a ship.

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