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Saturday 27 July 2002: Day Three - More cloudless skies and hot temperatures
THE NEW CONCRETE PAVILION is adorned with red Manchester 2002 banners.
EWM says: The new Piccadilly Gardens has become a familiar meeting place for thousands, both from here and abroad.
CROWDS OF PEOPLE sit on the lawns and watch the games on the big screen.
EWM says: Piccadilly is really buzzing - so many people, though the grass is looking a bit worn in places!
WHILST PICCADILLY IS BUZZING, Oldham Street s almost deserted.
EWM says: With scaffolding and construction, Oldham St is showing signs of regeneration.
PICCADILLY SOUTH, like the rest of Manchester, is thronged with people
EWM says: The route from Piccadilly to Sportcity passes along here. In a couple of days it will be pouring rain!
DURING THE 11 DAYS OF THE EVENT, thousands of people walked up and down this stretch of London Rd on their way to and from the stadium.
EWM says: It's amazing how Manchester accommodated the large number of visitors without any major problems.
VISITORS WALK UP AND DOWN LONDON RD on their way to and from Sportcity.
EWM says: There are jams along London Rd but on the whole, traffic congestion wasn't as bad as expected
STORE STREET RUNS UNDERNEATH Piccadilly Station and is part of the EastLInk walking route to the stadium
EWM says: Store Street was until recently a forgotten side street full of the atmosphere of 19th century industrial Manchester
THIS IS THE REGENERATED PICCADILLY STATION, Fairfield St entrance - The games insignia is reproduced on the glass. The taxi advertises holidays in Tunisia
EWM says: The new entrance is a remarkable re-invention of a 160 year old station.
THE FORMER MAYFIELD STATION, still virtually unchanged since its closure to passengers in the 50's, is shrouded by a banner stating: "London sends best wishes to the Manchester Commonwealth Games"
EWM says: Nice to have support from down south but is this just a tourist advert?
BUSES LINE UP ON FAIRFIELD STREET, taking visitors back to the city centre from the City of Manchester Stadium.
EWM says: Fairfield St is another once forgotten side street which has now seen a great upsurge in traffic
MANCHESTER TOWN HALL displays the games insignia, three athletes standing, arms held high to form an 'M' or crown.
EWM says: The M2002 logo is a proud symbol of Manchester's success in staging the Commonwealth Games.
VIEW OF THE TOWN HALL ALBERT SQUARE, with Games logo, from in front of the Albert Memorial
EWM says: The games logo and the Town Hall both exude civic pride.
FLAGS OF THE 72 COMMONWEALTH NATIONS are lined up on flagpoles in front of the Town Hall
EWM says: The flags make a proud and colourful sight, set against the 1874 neo-Gothic town hall.
ALL 72 COMMONWEALTH FLAGS have been hoisted on flagpoles in front of the town hall.
EWM says: It seems everything around, right down to the flower boxes, carries the M2002 logo.
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