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Sunday 4 August 2002 Day 11: A sunny start but clouding over, rain in the evening!
THE GIANT IMAGE of a swimmer now is now an integral feature of the south end of the GMEX centre, formerly Central Station. Soon the banner will be taken down.
EWM says: This banner is visible over a wide area to the south of the city centre and was one of the first visible symbols of the games.
A METROLINK TRAM makes its way down the ramp past GMEX towards St Peters Square
EWM says: Pity the Metrolink line to Sportcity and Ashton wasn't ready in time for the games.
THE KEY 103 BALLOON cruises over the south central area towards Sportcity. We are looking from GMEX Metrolink station.
EWM says: The crane is symbolic of the redevelopment of Manchester - this one is at the Hacienda site on Whitworth St.
THE KEY 103 BALLOON is seen here moving over Old Trafford.
EWM says: This crane is part of the Tulip Hotel construction site on Trafford Wharf.
THE CITY OF SALFORD has its own banner - this one is on Regent Road
EWM says: Co-operation between local authority districts has been a key element of the 'friendly games'.
THIS BANNER MASKS one of the derelict blocks of flats on Oldham Road.
EWM says: Wrapping buildings in giant posters has been a very effective way of concealing urban dereliction.
A RED M2002 BANNER covers this empty council block overlooking Oldham Road
EWM says: The two billboard ads announce the games and the regeneration of north Manchester. How long will it take before this area is transformed?
THIS EMPTY COUNCIL BLOCK in Miles Platting will have been seen by thousands of visitors riding shuttle buses along Bradford Rd back to the city centre.
EWM says: It's remarkable how we have invited thousands of people into one of the most run-down areas in the UK and yet most have gone away with a positive impression.
A MAUVE-COLOURED NEW EAST MANCHESTER BANNER masks two sides of this building on Bradford Rd.
EWM says: This building was previously used by a Christian group. A sign said "... where miracles happen every day" Maybe that comment could be applied to what's going on in the surrounding area!
THE STUDENTS VILLAGE off Oxford Road, was home for the technical officials
EWM says: Not so long ago, these buildings were derelict. How long will it be before the old mills and warehouses of East Manchester have been renovated like these?

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