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Wednesday 31 July 2002 Day 7: Continuing heavy rain! Thursday 1 August 2002 Day 8: More rain!
BBC BILLBOARD ADS are a familiar sight around the city. The blue colour scheme was an accurate prediction of the weather later in the week of the games.
EWM says: After sampling the weather I decided to stay home and watch tv!
AN OFFICIAL BUS turns right from Stockport Road into Kirkmanshulme Lane Longsight
EWM says: Many of the buses were empty, especially in the latter stages of the event
THE MANCHESTER AIRPORT AD is next to the railway bridge on Kirkmanshulme Lane
EWM says: Kirkmanshulme Lane, in the old industrial district of Lonsight, is a transit route between the Athletes Village and Sportcity
GREY MARE LANE MARKET is decked out in colourful Commonwealth Nations flags.
EWM says: Local people made a big effort to welcome participants to the games.
THE FLAG OF SRI LANKA is one of many put up around Grey Mare Lane Market, in Beswick.
EWM says: I wonder what the weather's like in Sri Lanka at the moment. When I went there once it was as rainy as this!
THIS IS BESWICK SHOPPING CENTRE and the offices of Eastserve, providing internet services to East Manchester residents.
EWM says: Beswick is at the heart of the East Manchester regeneration area - I will be documenting the changes in future EWM updates.
THE CITY OF MANCHESTER STADIUM seen from Alan Turing Way. We are looking from the north side.
EWM says: The stadium still looks impressive even in pouring rain.
EWM says: I wonder how many miles of red M2002 sheeting was wrapped around the various venues.

THE SOUTH EASTERN ENTRANCE to the City of Manchester stadium
EWM says: I am not photographing inside the stadium as this is well covered by other media - I'm interested in what's happening outside in the city.

ALONG BY THE BUS STATION on Alan Turing Way - A FirstBus shuttle carries spectators back to the city centre
EWM says: Even in the gloom and drizzle, the strong colours make the scene visually appealing.
VIEW OF THE CITY OF MANCHESTER STADIUM from Alan Turing Way, looking south
EWM says: The banners provide endless bands of colour, brightening up the scene even in the gloomiest weather
A COMPLETE TEMPORARY BUS STATION was set up for the duration of the games
EWM says: You can see the blurred rain droplets pouring down. The weather didn't dampen the enthusiasm of the spectators.
THESE GIANT BANNERS are remarkable pieces of work in themselves - The size of a tennis court and larger, they transformed the look of familiar landmarks, including the gasholder to the north of Sportcity
EWM says: It's amazing how the industrial landscape that's a quintessential part of Manchester has been adapted and transformed for the games.
Friday 2 August 2002 Day 9: Grey skies clearing to sunshine later  
THE ATHLETES VILLAGE occupies the entire Owens Park student residential complex, part of Manchester University.
EWM says: Security was tight around the site - Old Hall Lane was closed to traffic.
VISITING ATHLETES staying in the tower had a great view over Manchester.
EWM says: Nice to see the weather has brightened up again!

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