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Friday 26 July 2002: Day Two - Hot and sunny with cloudless skies
Sun-drenched Piccadilly Gardens is crowded with people sitting on the lawns and watching the games on the big screen
EWM says: Piccadilly Gardens with its open areas of grass has proved to be a success for outdoor events like this one.
The east facade of Sunley Tower is draped with a huge vertical banner showing an athlete
EWM says: I'd love to see one of my photographs displayed at that size.
Buses new and old carry athletes and officials between the various sites.
EWM says: The fleet of brand new Volvo buses operated by Games sponsors FirstBus is everywhere to be seen in Manchester. Nice to see the older red bus too.
These banners in Chinatown were created with the support of Manchester City Centre Management Company. They are designed to outlive the Games
EWM says: Is this an example of Chinese good sense, banners for the games that will continue to be useful long after the event.
On the side of Portland Tower there's now a welcome message for all 72 Commonwealth nations.
EWM says: The yellow-painted exterior facade of Portland Tower has become a major feature of the Manchester cityscape
Many participants stayed at the Palace Hotel - Official Rover cars were often seen parked outside
EWM says: I must have seen hundreds of those official Rover cars during the 11 days of the event
The Manchester Aquatics Centre on Oxford Road - A Volvo bus passes on its way to the Commonweath Games Village at Owens Park.
EWM says: It will seem strange not to see those buses around the city once the games are finished

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